Accomplished Projects Projects SHELTER AND NON-FOOD ITEMS (NFI) SECTOR

The Completion of the Works on the Project of Improving the Living Conditions of Internally Displaced Persons in Northwestern Syria

Where a network was established to drain the water of rain and flood with an engineering design according to the nature of the camps. Rehabilitation of the water drainage networks damaged by the floods

Also, main roads and corridors in the targeted camps have been rehabilitated to improve the access of the internally displaced, especially women, children, people with special needs and the elderly to services, to facilitate the movement within the camp and the delivery of the humanitarian aids; in addition to prevent flood water from gathering inside the camps, and thus the sinking of the tents.

In addition to raising the floor of the tents above the ground level using gravels, and cleaning the main river stream that crosses the targeted camps; thus, preventing river flooding and reducing the negative effects of river water gathering and diverting it to the camps and the neighboring lands.

The project took place in the camps of Khirbet al-Jouz, Alzouf, Bdama area, Jisr Al-Shughour district, Idlib city (Al-Etqan camp, Al-Kafeer camp, Al-Wafaa camp, Bdama camp, Sham camp, Shoqouz camp, Salah al-Deen camp, A’edun camp, Ata’ Al-khair and Jinan area).

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