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Warmth and Peace Campaign

حملة بردا وسلاما

The first Stage: (Warmth and Peace Campaign – 1)

Helping displaced families in the state of Urfa to tolerate the burdens of life and to reduce disease incidence related to unorganized housing by providing the basic needs of refugees based on their urgent needs.

It is distributed:

  1. Distributing 687 food baskets to the families living in Urfa and in random camps.
  2. Distributing 700 blankets to the families living in Urfa and in random camps.
  3. Distributing 700 sponges in the state of Urfa and random camps.
  4. Distributing 300 clothing cards to the orphans.
  5. Distributing 150 mall cards to people with special needs.
  6. Distributing 500 toys during a party for the orphans to distribute sponsorship Alnajat.
  7. Operating a kitchen for one month, and there are 400 people benefiting daily.
  8. Supporting science’s students’ sponsorship for 50 university students for a period of 5 months in the city of Shanly Urfa. According to the standards of Saed Charity Association, the beneficiaries were chosen from the orphans and the poorest, where the first payments of sponsorship was delivered on 20/1/2020.


The second Stage: (Warmth and Peace Campaign – 2)

The relief program was divided according to the humanitarian sectors into food aids and non-food aids related to winter season.

The distributed items:

  1. Distributing 100 shares of winter materials ( coal for heating) to 100 newly arrived families that do not have heating equipment in the random camps.
  2. Distributing 480 blankets and 480 sponges to the poor families to help them survive the hard winter that the random camps have annually.
  3. Distributing 420 food baskets to the needy and the poor in the random camps.
  4. Distributing 83 NFA in the random camps; every basket has two sponges and two blankets

The third Stage: (Warmth and Peace Campaign – 7)

Providing coal material, food baskets, sponges, blankets, winter clothing and children toys to our families in the random camps in Urfa, and it is supported by Al-Najat Charity and it is done by Saed Charity Association.

The distributed items:

  1. Distributing 560 food baskets, each one weights 30 kilos.
  2. Distributing 520 sponges and 520 blankets.
  3. Distributing 520 clothing cards to orphan children



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