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Urgent Food Response Project

مشروع الاستجابة الغذائية الطارئة

The aim of the Urgent Food Response Project:

The project aims to enable 21600 displaced people (who are the most weak newly displaced group from Idlib and Aleppo countryside especially children, women, people with disability, and the elderly) to have safe access to food for a period of six months by providing them with cooked meals and spreading awareness of public and personal hygiene issues.

The response method was designed in an appropriate manner for the newly displaced who are unable to cook (making cooked meals) by relying on their capacities, whether due to the lack of cooking fuel, the lack of cooking space, or the inability to provide raw foodstuffs.

Each beneficiary will get two cooked meals per day (breakfast and lunch) covering 100% of the individual’s daily needs. It is ranging from 2148  to 2242 calories with an average of 2207 calories in line with the standards of the World Health Organization and the nutrition sector.

This will be done by operating one kitchen with a capacity of 7200 meals per day for 3600 beneficiaries (two meals for every beneficiary per day). Meals will be prepared according to a weekly program that achieves a variety of meals which are cooked according to standards in the amount of protein and fat, taking into account the ratio of calcium in each meal for the health of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and to suit the culture and habits of the beneficiaries.

The project will target (for three months or less ) the new displaced in the newly displaced sites in the areas of Al-Dana and Ma’arat Misrin and those who do not receive food assistance from any source.

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