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The Project of Establishing Regular Camps in Idlib and Aleppo

مشروع انشاء 5 مخيمات

After the recent displacement campaigns at the end of 2019 and the early of this year, the regions of southern Idlib witnessed the displacement of cities and villages. The number of displaced people reached one million according to the statistics of the Camp Coordination Staff.

Since the shelter is an urgent need in the first place, and because of the overcrowding of the population in the center of Idlib and the surrounding villages, it is nearly impossible to find a shelter especially after  the displaced left their villages and everything they owned,

Saed Charity Association works to provide shelter for the newly displaced by building tents and preparing the site, in addition to the basic infrastructure with site planning. This includes:

  • Road construction
  • Rain drainage systems
  • A sewage network in the whole camp
  • Public sanitation facilities (Bathroom blocks)
  • Indoor lighting poles
  • Casting terraces for tents
  • Installing large family tents and site protection fence with entry gate and emergency gate
  • Providing non-food baskets and working on coordinating the services in the camp.

 The number of beneficiaries of the project is 2500 newly displaced families

 The areas of establishing the camps:

Two camps in Idlib-Ma’arat Misrin

Two camps in Ilib-Al Dana


Preparing Light Poles


Establishing a Sewage Network


Establishing Bathroom Blocks

Road Construction


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