The Project of Contribution to Enhance the Access for Displaced People in 9 Camps

ساعد الخيرية

After the waves of displacement to the north of Syria and the distribute of the displaced people to temporary shelter sites that are not suitable for housing,

And because of the damage of the camps and people’s tents by floods, rainwater and torrents that have struck the temporary displacement sites in northwestern of Syria, the damage of displaced tents and their sites, the inability to arrive to the camp, and the inability of the displaced to reach the main services in the camp,

Saed Charity Association announced the launch of projects to improve the infrastructure of the temporary displacement camps in the northwestern of Syria with the aim of improving the conditions of the accommodation of displaced in the camps and making their suffer less during the winter.

The project aims to establish and improve infrastructure to prevent flooding of the camps, to protect the tents and their inhabitants from floods and their effects, and to improve the access of displaced in these sites through thoughtful engineering interventions.

– Thatching, leveling and graveling the main and secondary roads to improve the access of displaced people and that on layers with specific stacking ratios according to specific technical conditions.

– The construction of rain and torrential water drainage channels with several types and sizes that suit the rainfall rates and water pool inside the camps and on the side of the main and secondary roads.  They will have different dimensions that vary according to the required volume of drainage at each site.

Some of them are on the side of main and secondary roads, and some of them are on the edges of camps with the aim of draining the rain and torrential water into natural sewer and prevent them from flooding the camps again.

– The construction of water drainage channels at crossroads according to the need and the amount of water with the aim of draining the water into road channels, which in return drain it into their natural channels.

– Lifting tents floors in an environmentally friendly way using two layers of gravels;  16 cm rough layer at the bottom and 6 cm smooth layer above with blocks and fastened it with cement. The aim of this is to provide the protection to the families from the consequences of winter and the entering of water and humidity to the tents’ floor.

–  Installing solar powered lighting poles in the camps.


Work areas:

The two areas of Harem and Maarat Misrin, temporary displacement camps in Sarmada and Maarat Misrin

It is divided into two working areas:

  • The first in Harem – Sarmada camps (the castle – Saed – Kansafra)
  • The second in Maarat Misrin – Maarat Misrin camps

Alrahma – Almuhtar- Basmet Amal – Ebad Alrahman- Aljabal- Alkalamon



Installation of drainage channels

The construction of channels

Brushing the roads with gravels

Installing water drainage channels

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