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The practical training on preparedness and response to fires in NW Syria

Within “the Preparedness and Response to Fires Project “ in NW Syria camps and supporting the food security project CCCM & FSL, Saed Charity Association conducts practical training at Ikah Hama to train people on firefighting techniques in case they occur, where these practical exercises are carried out for volunteers within  “the Preparedness and Response to Fires Project “after one day of receiving theoretical training on fire prevention and emergency response to put fires out in addition to providing first aid

Among these exercises, volunteers are trained on how to use powder and foam fire extinguishers. They are also trained to use fire blankets and proper methods of handling the domestic cooking gas cylinder in case of fire. Teams are trained by dividing them into groups on the best practice in case of fires and to know what the role each group should play, such as the smothering group, the cooling group, the firefighting group, the injured evacuation and first aid group.

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