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The Establishment of a Humanitarian Relief Camp in Al-Bardakli

مخيم البردقلي


The start of the humanitarian relief camp project in Al-Bardakli  and this happens by:

Leveling roads and tents areas (excavation and filling), and then brushing it with gravels with leveling and stacking.

Start constructing bathroom blocks, preparing places for installing tents, planning the general site for the camp, designing roads, distributing tents and places for private service facilities (Bathroom blocks – School – Mosque – Camp administration – Health Center)


  • Camp land area: 40 dunums
  • Camp capacity: 450 tents
  • The number of blocks of bathrooms: 12 blocks; every block consists of two chambers
  • Blocks of bathrooms for people with special needs: 3 blocks
  • The dimensions of the tent: 4 x 5 meters
  • The side space between the tents: 2 meters
  • The width of the roads: 7 meters
  • The back space between the tents: not less than 3 meters

In addition, they have distributed 450 non-food baskets (Cleaning baskets)


The Beginning of the Work

Construction Works

Distributing Tents and Baskets

The Promo of the Camp


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