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Tender Announcement to Build Residential village in Idlib -Al-Dana District NW of Syria

Saed Charity Association announces a tender to build residential village in Idlib -Al-Dana District NW of Syria

Project Code: SCA-20-SNFI0025-0207

Project Name: Emergency Response Project to Provide Shelter for IDPs in NW of Syria – Idlib

The IDPs in NW Syria are experiencing difficult economic conditions imposed by the ongoing war, the lack of necessary resources, the lack of job opportunities, high prices and the collapse of the value of the Syrian currency. These difficult circumstances require finding for hundreds of thousands of IDPs in NW Syria through providing permanent housing for them, to substitute the tents. In houses they will  have some stability, privacy and security by replacing the IDPs tents with temporary homes and building housing units within residential compounds .

Work Location: Syria – Idlib – Al-Dana District

How to apply offers:

  • Offers will be submitted to Saed Charity office in Syria at the following address:
  • Syria – Idlib – Sarmada – South neighbourhood – West of Stadium – end of Al-Bazaar Street – last building on left – 2nd floor.
  • Date of Submission :
  • The deadline for submitting offers will be during the official working hours starting from Tuesday 15-12 -2020 and the deadline for receiving offers will be at  12 am (Syria time ) on Thursday, 24-12 -2020.

How to get the tender’s file?

  • The file of the tender will be received from the above-mentioned offices after payment of the initial insurance amount ($3000) has been paid.
  • Anyone who has made an offer considers that he has been read and understood the tender file fully that he has accepted all the terms and conditions of the tender and that the tender’s file package is an integral part of the contract with the winning contractor.
  • To find out about the worksite, communicate with the engineering staff in Saed Charity Office. In this office, there is a team of specialized engineers present to explain any points related to the proposed engineering activities and models that are required to be implemented. Suppliers wishing to inquire about any points related to the suggested activities and models.
  • The project management advises contractors wishing to apply to check and examine the worksite well to build a suitable financial bid.



For communication and more information :

– Tel: 00905355492478

– E-mail:

Important mention:

Saed Charity Association ensures full accountability to affected population, communities and stakeholders in all its activities

If there are any real concerns about violations of humanitarian principles and standards of humanitarian work, violation of the principles of justice and equal opportunity, or in case of  any complaints

Please send your feedback on  the following what’s app number 00905317818173

Or send an email to

Complaints and observations will be followed up with interest while ensuring the confidentiality of the personal information of callers.

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