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Saving Children’s Educational Future In the Camps of the Northern of Syria

برنامج التعليم
  • The number of schools targeted within the project:

They are 14 schools distributed over the camps of (Sarmada – Qah – Atma – Deri Hasan – Hazra)

  • The aim of the project:

The aim of the project is to improve the chance of 9311 child (4680 girls / 4631 boys)  to reach comprehensive education opportunities in a safe educational environment in 14 schools ( 6877 students in formal education – 2330 students in the informal education – 104 students with special needs), and this will happen by:

– The construction of 40 classrooms in the form of tents.

– Doing light maintenance for 115 classrooms.

– Providing schools with new furniture, and doing a maintenance for the furniture found in the schools.

– Making 14 back-to-school campaigns targeting 2800 beneficiaries (1400 children out of school – 1400 caregivers and parents)

– Providing 155 classrooms with fans in 14 schools.

– Pay the salaries of 350 teachers and other supportive staff  in formal and informal education.

– Providing schools with main materials (cleaning materials and equipments – drinking water)

– Providing schools with security and safety equipment.

– Providing training to build the capacity of the administrative and educational staff on ( child protection principles – inclusion of students with special needs in the education response – modern teaching methods and strategies – education in crisis)

– Providing 14 schools with entertainment materials.

– Printing 6877 copies of the formal education curriculum and 2330 copies of the informal education curriculum.

– Buying and distributing 9311 stationery sets and school bags.

– Making training on safety and security, evacuation, left application, pre and post exams, IGRA and IGMA.


The Education Process


Distribution of Educational Curricula


Curriculum Distribution


Parents Meeting

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