Launching Modern Learning Methods and Strategies for Formal and Informal Teaching

Saed Charity Association

Education sector.

Project: Providing safe access to quality learning opportunities for the displaced children in the camps of Idleb during and after COVID 19

Location: Sarmada, Qah, Atma, Harem, Dana and Salqin.

In continuation of the capacity building training

package provided by Saed Charity Association for schools staffs in the project, the association has conducted “Modern Learning methods and strategies” training which included the 262 formal and informal school teachers in 19 schools.

The training aims to enable the trainees to differentiate between strategy, style and method and to determine the appropriate teaching method. In addition to enabling them to use the following teaching methods: (Brainstorm, problem-solving, collaborative learning, peer learning, role-playing, mind maps, discovery learning and concept maps)

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