Homeless Help

The Turkish Red Crescent’s Immigration and Refugee Services Directorate provides services to the refugees who take shelter in our country in their enterances and exits and housing and shelters and at the stage of their deportation.

The Turkish Red Crescent, with the addition of Immigration and Refugee Services Directorate to its body, provides, in its centers, the services in the foreigners entrances to Turkey, shelters and housing and sending them back. In addition to these, it assists the related public authorities in meeting the needs of the refugees taking shelter in Turkey, their shelters, nourishment, health, education and other needs. Especially during the last five years, due to the chaos in Syria, the Turkish Red Crescent assists the public institutions in meeting the needs of the Syrians who have taken shelter in Turkey and are guests in 23 camps today, in their housing and shelters, nourishment and other needs. Besides, projects are being developed with the aids and donations of the sharers and donators to improve the living conditions of the refugees in the camps.

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