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Bread Distribution Project

توزيع الخبز

The aim of bread distribution Project:

Bread Distribution Project aims to help Syrian families that displaced from various regions of Syria into the northern regions of Syria near the Turkish borders. And this by buying flour material,  baking it and distributing free bread to them.

In this stage of the project, the displaced of Maarat Al-Numan and the surrounding villages were targeted. When hundreds of thousands of people were suddenly displaced from these areas (the eastern and southern countryside of Idlib) towards the Turkish borders as a result of the big increasing of the random bombing, so they become in an urgent need to provide them with food.

Where Saed Charity Association has hurried to get bread material for them through the implementation of this stage of the project.


 The number of beneficiaries:

There are 14777 beneficiaries in:

– Idlib (the center of the city – Bench – Maarat Misrin – Arihaa – Harbnouch – Al-twama – the highway connecting between Arihaa and the region of Bab al-Hawa crossing)

– The northern countryside of Aleppo (Al Bab city)


Photos of the Implementation Stages of the Project

The Promo of the Project:

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